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The majority of TCC’s projects involve to some degree partnerships with other agencies or Churches. It should also be noted that all projects by definition are in a state of flux, some are in the process of being developed, others are reaching the end of their lives.

The present projects are: 

Elm Hall Drive Methodist Church, Liverpool District

Overview - The church identified that the reducing resources coming into the church will not fund the activities currently delivered in the future.

They commissioned TCC to produce a report on how they could match resources with activities.

TCC Involvement - TCC produced an in depth researched review of the church. This enabled Church Council and the Leadership Team to develop a comprehensive Mission Plan that supported us in making some very difficult decisions.

Information for the report was collated from a series of congregational events and interviews with individuals to capture their views.

TCC researched the demographics of the local area, scrutinised the current work being carried out and listened to folk.

Being independent from the church, folk were more open and honest about how they felt about the current situation which enabled the report to be useful.

“TCC has presented a report that asks us to reconsider what it is we do and why we do it. This will help us to reprioritise the mission and ministry of the church!” Paul Greggs, Pastoral Outreach Worker

Liverpool (South) Methodist Circuit, Liverpool District

 Overview – The Circuit had been discussing how it should allocate its’ resources. Quite a bit of background had been done but no agreement had been made as folk felt that the priorities may lead to scrutinising their churches more closely.

TCC’s involvement – TCC facilitated a number of conversations with the Circuit meeting and Senior Stewards to identify what the priorities should be and what they actually meant to people.

TCC challenged the usual louder voices and enabled those who do not normally engage, to have their say.

TCC was able to facilitate the conversation by asking the appropriate questions in a non-threatening and objective way. This enabled folk to concentrate on the issues at hand rather than be worried about the final outcome.

“TCC took us through challenging discussions to agree on how we will allocate our resources for next financial year!" Rev Caroline Ainger

The Avenue Methodist Church

Project Title: VISIBLE

Overview - A Church review based on the four areas of our calling and the underpinning governance needed to support these areas.

TCC involvement - In partnership with the Church and District Devlopment Enabler we investigated the current and future priorities and needs for the Church through a facilitated process over three days. From this initial engagement TCC has continued to support the Church in reviewing and adopting policies and procedures to support their ongoing operations based on third sector governance process Visible (accredited standard).

"Governance issues are extensive and often complex and the support given by TCC has been invaluable" Barry Myers, The Avenue, Sale

Buxton Circuit

Project Title: The Hub

Overview - A new and exciting community project in a converted shop based in a challenged area of Buxton. The Hub is being designed to meet the needs of the local community, supported by the Circuit and ecumenical partners in the local area.

TCC involvement - TCC supports the Deacon and Project Manager leading the project by providing information, advice and guidance on facilitating community consultations, developing suitable robust governance, business planning and funding opportunities.

"TCC have helped us to make this happen and knowing that they are there with their expertise as we move forward gives us great encouragement and confidence that together we can do things well. An invaluable resource!" Deacon Janet Heys

Trinity Ellesmere Port

Project Title: Footsteps

Overview - The Church has undertaken an ambitious project to completely refurbish the building. This includes; a community cafe, industrial standard training kitchen, innovative Worship space and lots more...

TCC involvement - Working closely with the Minister, Church Council and Circuit, TCC is engaged as the managing agent for the Church. TCC manage staff and volunteers and are setting up all of the policies, procedures and practical activities (such as room bookings) to ensure legal and operational compliance. The Church will be Visible compliant (national quality standard).

TCC have also assisted in securing funding for community projects run at Trinity.

"TCC can spot the potential pitfalls and ask the difficult questions, when Churches often cannot see the wood for the trees" Rev Christine Jones, Ellesmere Port

Great Harwood, Lancashire District

Project Title: Trinity Comunity Association

Setting up a separate charitable company to manage the community activities of the Church (enabling wider scope for funding sources and reduces liability of Church Council members).

TCC involvement - TCC has provided support to the Church in identifying the most appropriate legal structure to manage their community activities. Support from TCC continues in identifying and applying for funding to refurbish the building.

"I think it is crucial for other Churches in our situation to have the sort of help and support offered by TCC.... I cannot recommend TCC highly enough" Pat Brown, Great Harwood

St Andrews, Bolton & Rochdale District

Project Title: Youth work

The Church has identified a local community need for a young peoples worker and was developing a project that would include employing a worker for this area.

TCC involvement - TCC has provided support and advice on business planning and have sourced funding options to cover the costs of the worker.

Emmanuel Centre, Salford

Project Title: Service Provision

Emmanuel is a new build Church and community space and is still developing. Partnerships and activities are already taking place with a charitable management committee overseeing the running of the community centre.

TCC involvement - TCC is providing advice to the management committee on governance. TCC is also providing payroll and financial accounting services.


Time To Transform Our Communities – TCC also host the Time to TOC website, which provides an exhaustive guide to good practice for any organisation aiming to work with young people. TCC can also offer specialised training courses and can accredit participants to OCN

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