Case Studies

The majority of TCC’s projects involve some degree of partnership with other agencies or Churches. It should also be noted that all projects are in a process of ongoing development; some are being planned and delivered, others are reaching the end of their lives.

Some of the current projects are: 

Gorse Hill and Broughton in Furness Methodist Churches

Manchester and Stockport and Cumbria Districts

We were asked to provide feasibility studies for two Churches that had ceased to worship… same process – different outcomes!

The Circuits had been discussing how they should move forward in fulfilling their Managing Trusteeship in relation to a Church that had recently ceased worship. The process and utilisation of TCC’s expertise enabled feasibility studies to be undertaken to support the ‘new’ Managing Trustees in making informed decisions.

With Gorse Hill, the feasibility study and options appraisal clearly indicated that there was potential, if the Circuit Meeting wished, to use the building as a Circuit resource. The study demonstrated that the building could contribute to the Mission of the Methodist Church, rather than going down the easier, short-term, route of disposing of the property. TCC continued to support the Circuit in developing a business plan and project managing the early stages of operation.

Broughton in Furness -  the feasibility study identified a number of ways forward in supporting the needs of the local community but the options required significant resources, including people, which was one of the reasons the Church ceased to worship in the first place. In this case, the Managing Trustees felt that they had no option but to dispose of the property.

Monton Methodist Church 

Manchester & Stockport District

‘Developing a comprehensive and detailed business plan paid off as it demonstrated to funders we knew what we were doing and why!’

Monton had identified a number of issues, through their Quinquennial and subsequent inspection by an architect/surveyor. They also identified that refurbishing the building would be beneficial to all. Total works were originally estimated to be around £138,000. TCC was commissioned to support them in developing a business plan so the Church could seek the funding they required. TCC facilitated a series of events to investigate the current and future needs of the Church. Result:  the creation of a multi-purpose (faith-based and secular) business plan able to be used for various funding applications. Monton achieved success from a number of funders. Funds were also provided by local giving and the Circuit.  The amount raised so far is well over £100,000. TCC also assisted in advising on good practice regarding planning permission and the consents processes for capital work.

Whitefield Methodist Church

Bolton & Rochdale District

A project supported by the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network (DMLN), where TCC provides project management and operations support to the Church

The Church Council approved a pilot project to refurbish areas of the Church to provide a soft play facility and improve conditions for users of the building.  TCC was invited in to provide information, advice and guidance and to assist with the project management of the work. A business plan was developed, initial plans drawn up and costed, funding sought and planning permission was successfully gained. TCC assisted in redrafting the policies and procedures for the Church, as new policies will be required for the new work. The Church Council were updated at every stage of the development and approved work or made decisions where necessary. For example, TCC highlighted the need to consider legal aspects of the development, including whether the proposed activities constitute setting up a business, as the soft play area will be utilised by the general public.

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